Smart Financing

Advice and opportunities for entrepreneurial financing are available at various points throughout the incubation process. Below is a rough guide to the stages, including an indication of the activities and opportunities involved.

QBIC offers smart financing to incubatees

  • Equity financing for startups up to QAR 100K, with future investment opportunities
  • Loan opportunity for scaleups, via QDB Al Dhameen, up to the value of QAR 4 million

Activate (1-3 months)

Successful entrepreneurs sign incubation agreements and set milestones for the next 3 months. Seed funding up to QAR 100,000 is available for customer validation and prototype development based on their milestones. If customer validation is successful, incubatees may pitch for the next stage of the program.

Accelerate (3-12 months)

Incubatees focus on developing and commercializing their product. Equity financing of up to QAR 100K, with future investment opportunities. QBIC guides operations and reviews performance to help businesses meet agreed milestones.

Scale (12-24 months)

QBIC provides support in the form of coaching to grow incubatees’ businesses and continues to monitor performance. LeanScaleup companies can opt for additional financing by QBIC partners if required. Also a loan opportunity for scaleups are available via QDB Al Dhameen, up to the value of QAR 4 million.