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Digital & Beyond is an exciting new dedicated facility for startups and SMEs in Qatar. Created by Ooredoo Qatar and QBIC, the incubation center aims to help launch new technology-focused businesses in Qatar.

What does Digital & Beyond offer?

Digital & Beyond utilises both Ooredoo and QBIC’s expertise to provide not only the space your digital startup needs to expand, but the vital knowledge your business needs to survive and succeed!

We have a host of initiatives available including:

Here’s what we’re all about.

We’re motivated by creating amazing customer experiences for Qatar in this fast paced world, which is why we run the first digitally focused business incubation program, the LeanStartup Program to source innovative ideas about:
  • customer experience
  • healthcare
  • transportation & logistics
  • education
  • sport
  • smart living
  • business solutions
  • OTT, entertainment and gaming

What are we looking for?

Digital & Beyond is interested in all creative ideas to enrich people’s lives within Qatar and beyond. This could include innovative products and services, new business models or novel technologies.

We’re looking for the best and freshest minds to foster innovation and support the development of entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to bring Qatar’s National Vision to vibrant life as we move forward into a knowledge-rich future.

  • Ooredoo is making every effort to ensure that Qatar achieves its vision of being a truly smart society, driven by innovation and the ambitions of our younger generation. We believe that the ‘Digital and Beyond’ incubator within QBIC could play a central role for Qatar, creating our own ‘Silicon Valley’ of start-ups and developers, and enabling young Qataris to propel their ideas for new businesses to a global audience

    Sheikh Saud bin Nasser Al Thani
    Group CEO – Ooredoo
  • QBIC and QDB are committed to developing the SME sector in Qatar, and by supporting technology-focused businesses, we will play a major role in offering employment, enrichment and development opportunities for young people. With the support of Ooredoo, we will be able to offer the kind of environment that enables start-ups to grow and flourish, and transform digital ideas into international business opportunities.

    Abdulaziz Bin Nasser Al Khalifa
    QDB CEO and QBIC Chairman
  • We’re pleased to witness how our flagship Program, the LeanStartup Program, is being introduced with a more specialised focus as the number of new entrants increases. As QBIC is expanding into more sector-specific incubators, at the “Digital and Beyond” incubator we’re now looking for entrepreneurs with tech-savvy ideas, and innovative approaches to the ever-evolving digital world.

    Aysha Al Mudahka
  • Ooredoo has helped to drive innovation and development in Qatar throughout its history, and in recent years – because of the power and versatility of the Ooredoo Supernet and Ooredoo’s support for a range of dynamic smart services – we have played a key role in the growth of knowledge-based enterprises and new start-ups.

    Waleed Al Sayed
    Deputy CEO – Ooredoo Group / CEO – Ooredoo Qatar

So get started today!

If you think you’d like to partner with Digital & Beyond to benefit from the powerful combination of Ooredoo and QBIC, get in touch with us now!

Who knows, you could have the experience of a lifetime with opportunities to learn, test and adapt creative methods and tools, maximize your startup speed and agility and combine your fresh, creative ideas with existing expertise and market experience.

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Apply now for the Digital & Beyond’s first LeanStartup Program, Qatar’s first digital-focused program to source innovative ideas across the spectrum of digital living!