We are proud of the promising projects QBIC supports. QBIC sees Qatar’s entrepreneurs today as the future of Qatari business success. Below are some of our incubatees startups.

iFor Build

Platform that helps construction professional ease access to information, increase productivity, reduces the delay risk and maximize efficiency. Construction Directory, Building Material Marketplace, Online Academy and Business Automation Solutions.

Ro’a Technology

Gbus is an online platform with mobile applications that aim to improve School Bus performance and students’ safety by sharing valuable information with parents and transport supervisors.

AY Tech

A company specializes in programing drones in order to making it fly itself for days.


An online platform that provides youth in Qatar with a list of available internships, community classes, workshops, and volunteering opportunities.


A smart application that enhances attendee experience in any entertainment / sports event and increases revenue and exposure for the venue operators.


An online platform that matches people with training workshops based on their interest.

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DEBIT is a cloud based POS (Point of Sale) system developed on a SAAS model. Apart from transaction recording, inventory management and customer management which are the key aspects of a POS system, DEBIT will focus on business analytics and meaningful reporting; in a way that will help a small retail business owner know what’s happening in his store during his presence or absence as well to get meaningful insights to take informed decisions about his business.


We are a company with sports and tourism activity at the same time, establishing a Qatari 100%. We offer all types of paragliding and all kinds of services related to the paragliding, such as flight training and Offering air tours and air shows at major state forums and local festivals, selling, leasing and maintenance of paragliding equipment.

Burroy Box

Burroy Box provides you with age appropriate creative activities Which helps you and your child tackle new projects every month. And helps with family bonding. We believe children are naturally curious and creative and learn by playing,exploring, and most importantly, through interaction with adults in their lives.

Qatar Water Sport

Qatar Water Sport is a company that specializes in water sport activities. With a highly experienced team, QWS offers everything you can imagine from kitesurfing courses & wakeboarding classes to stand-up paddle & team building activities. Your one stop, water sports shop.
Website: www.qatarwatersport.com

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Vend Station

Vend station co. is the first stationery vending machine in Qatar currently located at the Qatar University College of Business and Economics as well as the HBKU Student Center in Qatar Foundation. Vend Station also offers a platform for advertising on the screen placed on the upper section of the machine.


QBIC AlumniSky Climbers is transforming the Qatari youth into the leaders of tomorrow. Through our Art & Media training programs, youth not only gain the talent they need to be part of the productive workforce of the vision 2030 but also gain employment through our placement agency.


QBIC AlumniRawaj is a Qatari advertising company. Our team members are all young professional nationals. With the general understanding of Qatar’s culture, we come to fulfill the needs of society within different areas of publicity and advertising; Graphic Design, Photography, Commercial and Social Campaigns.


QBIC AlumniKinecto provides a revolutionary way to wirelessly charge devices, anytime and anywhere.


QBIC AlumniWanasah allows companies to advertise to limousine passengers through a WIFI enabled tablet, which aims to inform, engage and entertain.

The E_K

QBIC AlumniThe E_K provides high quality and timely tailoring services for dresses and abayas, for any given occasion.


QBIC AlumniOola Sportswear is a Limited Liability Company established in Qatar in June 2015. The core of Oola’s business is the design, production management and sales of women’s modest sportswear. Oola makes clothes and accessories for women who otherwise have no access to outdoor activities due to the lack of modest activewear options. Their products consist of tops, pants, scarfs made of technical fabrics to accommodate outdoor activities such as running, cycling, walking and hiking, while also accommodate the need for modesty.

Fi Technologies

QBIC AlumniWi-Fi advertising platform that develops wireless Hotspot networks to selected locations, coupled with Wi-Fi Hotspot management solutions to each targeted location, which allows regulating the entry to the Internet for each guest through a fully customized web page so Fi-Technologies can provide the following to advertisers; login page advertising, redirection page advertising, amongst other services.


QBIC AlumniTRIFOGLIO is a local brand aspiring to reach international markets. It produces fine leather bags and jewelry inspired by the Clover flower.


QBIC AlumniA unique Qatari store aiming to simplify ceramic pottery to people. We offer handicraft products, artisan designs, unique customisable orders and a variety of workshops.

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QBIC AlumniRwaq is a monthly subscription box that contains a book and other accessories with the aim of enhancing the reading experience.


QBIC AlumniSheesh is a multiplayer board game for up to four players. Players race their four tokens from start to finish according to dice throws. The first player to get all four tokens to the finish grid wins.


QBIC AlumniTashasheel is a center for leisure and maritime activities, which combines cultural elements and traditional Qatari seafood to promote Qatar as a tourist destination.

QBIC Tourism


QBIC AlumniA mobile application dedicated to improving the financial literacy of children in Qatar, in an initiative to develop a habit of financial responsibility from a young age.

Digital & Beyond


QBIC AlumniA startup focused on developing interactive IT solutions and innovations. GoExplore specializes in building custom designs and concepts for digital signage & interactive kiosks paired with native apps that give the best user experience.

QBIC Tourism

Tartebkum Holidays

QBIC AlumniTartebkum is a startup company, offering modern desert trips and adventures for women. The startup also offers holiday organization services for trips around the world, aimed at Arab women seeking catered trips that focus on culture, health and beauty.

QBIC Tourism


QBIC AlumniibTECHar is a local startup that provides consultation/products in the educational sector, using technology to empower teachers to unleash learners’ potential.


Just Grow

QBIC Alumni‘Just Grow’ is a startup that provides a user-friendly aquaponics system that requires minimal maintenance from consumers. The objective is to help customers garden indoors in a hassle-free environment.



QBIC Alumni‘Makery’ is a mobile fabrication lab that provides services using tools and resources such as laser cutters and 3D printers to help creative people represent their ideas in a physical form.


Akhtra Trade CO

QBIC Alumni‘Akhtra Trade CO’ – created an adapter that can be used to easily change hooks on the back of a vehicle so you can tow other trucks without having to disassemble the other vehicle’s hook.


Dew Land

QBIC AlumniDeveloping mini-episodes and merchandise around local cartoon characters representing Qatari culture and GCC-region values, suitable for educational purposes, local schools, and children’s organisations.



QBIC AlumniSamam is a startup that has designed a product that can detect gas leakages to avoid hazardous situations.



QBIC AlumniNetfix, formerly Rinfo, is a platform for real estate operators to manage maintenance inquiries in an automated and streamlined approach. Tenants now have a better tool to post their maintenance needs and the operator/owner has a better platform to manage those needs.



QBIC AlumniS.Ishira is the first “Made in Qatar” luxury perfume line, for corporate gifting. S.Ishira creates one of a kind, multicultural scents and contributes new tastes to the mainstream market, made with some of the most luxurious oils from around the world.

Office & Industrial Workshop

Newline 4 Media

QBIC AlumniA startup offering printing, graphic design, display solutions, indoor and outdoor signs, exhibitions, promotional items and event management services.

Industrial Workshop

Embrace Doha

QBIC AlumniEmbrace Doha is the first service provider of its kind in Qatar, offering a range of cultural services that cater to the needs of newcomers, expatriates, and visitors alike.

QBIC Tourism


QBIC AlumniContactless provides pre-event online registration management and virtual payment solutions. They also provide registration stations, fully equipped with talent to manage mobile and on-spot registration, as well as analytics and demographics of attendees at small, medium and largescale events.


Fleurs et Café

10% Discounts on flowers arrangements in the shop / take away

10% Discounts on coffee in the shop / take away

10% Discounts on food in the shop / take away

8% of catering services on coffee / food


10% Discount on food and beverage

QNCC – Chef Garden Restaurant

10% Discount on food and Beverage. (Only on A la carte, no discount will be applied on Public holidays and special promotions)


Benefits disclosed upon visiting their offices


In case if any member of QBIC would like to organize an event in QNL for more than 25 pax – A special events catering menus needs to be requested from Chef Garden

QNCC – Marwan Club Facilities

10% Discount on all facilities for Monthly, Quarterly and Annual membership (Swimming Pool, Sauna, Steam Room, Gym)

Meeting Rooms and Garden Lawns – at 10 % Discount (Should be booked in advance for all kinds of get together, birthday parties, etc.)

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