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QBIC is a unique mixed-use business incubation center providing support services to help entrepreneurs and companies who either have an idea to start a business or want to grow an existing business.

We incubate, develop, invest and connect entrepreneurs

Whether you’re starting with just an idea or looking for ways to grow, we are committed to your long-term success and offer a wide range of solutions and resources to help you start and grow an innovative, viable business in Qatar.

Incubation Programs

Meet Our Team

We are a professional team committed to the success of entrepreneurship and sustainable business growth in Qatar.

Founders & Partners

QBIC is founded by two of the leading entrepreneurship institutes in Qatar, Qatar Development Bank and Nama.

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Be the next Qatari success story!

Are you a Qatari or resident with an active Qatari partner who has an idea and the commitment to Start a company? Do you already have a Qatari company and feel you could use some practical help to Grow your company?