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Take Your Manufacturing Capabilities to the Next Level. QBIC’s Lean Manufacturing Program – the first of its kind in Qatar – is specifically designed to develop & build the capacity of companies & startups that are currently manufacturing or aiming to manufacture products & goods in Qatar.


Within this program, entrepreneurs & business owners will gain a thorough, hands-on understanding of the holistic manufacturing process through a series of practical sessions that are based on the lean methodology. Program graduates will leave with the skills and knowledge to efficiently scale their operations and grow into the next stage of the production cycle.




Program Structure

The Lean Manufacturing Program comprises of several key areas of focus, delivered over 7 weeks:

  • Product Innovation & Value Proposition: grasping the business model canvas & defining your competitive advantage
  • Product Development: covering iteration, design & prototyping
  • Lean Factory Design: ranging from layout & operational efficiency, to resource planning
  • Lean Resource Management: Utilizing the lean methodology for staffing during current operation & growth
  • Supply Chain: understanding the supply chain & best practices in procurement
  • Scaling: growing beyond local markets by leveraging lean methodologies & customer acquisition techniques
  • Legal Requirements in Qatar: everything you need to know about the process of launching a manufacturing facility in Qatar


Why You Should Apply for this Program

  • Actionable, real-world content that is delivered by the leaders of lean methodology training in Qatar – in collaboration with some of the most reputable manufacturing trainers in the world
  • Workshop style sessions to assess your unique needs to kickstart manufacturing operations or scale your existing operations to new heights
  • An opportunity to be part of an exclusive industrial, educational & practical learning trip to Japan
  • Opportunity to incubate your manufacturing idea as part of the QBIC Industrial Manufacturing Incubation program. Services include access to subsidized workshop rental, office space, coaching and mentorship



How You Can Join this Program

In order to apply for this program, the ideal candidate must:

  • Be Qatari or a resident of Qatar
  • Own or be part of a manufacturing business in Qatar
  • Have an idea for a manufacturing facility to diversify the local economy