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QBIC’s LeanScaleup Program and Industrial Workshops are available to young established companies who have significant potential to grow.

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LeanScalup Program

Scaleups are young companies with significant potential to grow. Scaleup companies must consist of a team of two or more people, and already have customer traction.
Industrial Workshop
Space and mentoring is available to early stage and small scale production companies who require light manufacturing operations and have potential for businesses success.
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Grow your existing Startup

The Program helps business to grow from an existing base by catalyzing their sales and marketing machine through four key services: access to the marketplace (local, regional and international customers); access to human capital (recruiting talent); smart financing (provision and access to equity and debt finance); and coaching & mentoring.

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring sessions cover sales and marketing, distribution channels, building strategic alliances, entrepreneurial finance and cash-flow management.
Sportswear manufacture

A Space to Grow

With space to expand and through QBIC’s specially designed strategies, the LeanScaleup Program and Industrial Workshops help young companies to accelerate their growth and maximize their early potential.

Industrial Workshops are purpose-built spaces dedicated to small-scale industrial production and manufacturing.


To qualify for space, businesses should be industrial in nature, require light manufacturing operations and have a clear competitive advantage. Businesses should be at an early stage and have an existing customer base.

QBIC helps light manufacturing businesses to grow not only through the provision of workshop space, but by assigning mentors who are vertical experts in the particular line of business of these companies. Industry experts meet online or offline with companies on a needs-to basis or regularly depending on specific requirements.

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