We are proud of the promising projects QBIC supports. QBIC sees Qatar’s entrepreneurs today as the future of Qatari business success. Below are some of our incubatees startups.


Kinecto provides a revolutionary way to wirelessly charge devices, anytime and anywhere.


Thaqafa aims to create and enhance Arabic audio content in poetry, short novels and history.


The product helps users to extract, track and analyze public sentiments on chosen topics in Arabic.


Wanasah allows companies to advertise to limousine passengers through a WIFI enabled tablet, which aims to inform, engage and entertain.

The E_K

The E_K provides high quality and timely tailoring services for dresses and abayas, for any given occasion.


Buygather helps consumers discover the different events and activities taking place in Qatar as well as locating outlets with special offers and sales.

Fine Posture

Fine Posture is a medical device linked through a mobile application that helps people who suffer from back pain to maintain a healthy lifestyle and monitor their posture.

Oola Sports

Oola Sportswear is a Limited Liability Company established in Qatar in June 2015. The core of Oola’s business is the design, production management and sales of women’s modest sportswear. Oola makes clothes and accessories for women who otherwise have no access to outdoor activities due to the lack of modest activewear options. The planned products consist of tops, pants, scarfs made of technical fabrics to accommodate outdoor activities such as running, cycling, walking and hiking, while also accommodating the need for modesty.


An e-commerce App allowing individuals and retailers to buy and sell a wide array of products.


Online solution to increase attendance and exposure of football games and matches. It also assists in increasing the sales of tickets and merchandise.

Qatar Soap

A factory that locally produces natural skincare products in Qatar, namely soap, using local natural ingredients like palm oil, making it the first of its kind in the region.

Fi Technologies

Fi Technologies is a Smart Network Management and Wi-Fi Platform. It has developed creative network solutions to enable providing free Internet access to the public, while enabling premises owners to get more out of their networks by providing a smart analytics engine that enables them to learn about the customers and increase retention and engagement. Fi Technologies has core competencies in Wi-Fi networks deployment, operation, and management which have been utilized to create an unprecedented Digital Media Channel in Qatar; the Wi-Fi Advertising Channel.


TRIFOGLIO is a local brand aspiring to reach international markets. It produces fine leather bags and jewelry inspired by the Clover flower.


A unique Qatari store aiming to simplify ceramic pottery to people. We offer handicraft products, artisan designs, unique customisable orders and a variety of workshops.


Rwaq is a monthly subscription box that contains a book and other accessories with the aim of enhancing the reading experience.


Sheesh is a multiplayer board game for up to four players. Players race their four tokens from start to finish according to dice throws. The first player to get all four tokens to the finish grid wins.

International Spearfishing Academy

The first of its kind – an international, structured, specific, independent, hands-on, state-of-the-art spearfishing training program.

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We are a digital factory focusing on 3D printing for Architecture, Engineering and Construction sectors as well as other industries for which 3D printing technology is of great benefit.
We offer customized solutions for B2B and B2C in Qatar and the region.



Techaid provides door-to-door based technology maintenance service for your digital hardware and software.



FEED enhances the restaurant experience by personalizing communication, revolutionizing the interaction between staff and guests through a seamless digital platform.

FEED helps restaurants understand the habits of their customers which enables them to accurately target specific audiences and cater to current needs while anticipating future trends.



Marhaba Tourism is launching a one-of-a-kind luxury dhow cruise experience, complete with dining and entertainment elements. The cruises are ideal for friends, families and private gatherings. Prepare to be enchanted by all the sights and sounds on Doha’s waterfront.

QBIC Tourism

Indoor Maps

A web and mobile app that offers mall layout maps to help customers navigate through specific venues, and find out about special mall offers and activities.

Digital & Beyond


A smart socket to help customers monitor their electricity usage and control it by remotely switching off/on appliances through the mobile application.

Digital & Beyond


A mobile application providing simple, safe and convenient ways to book various home services, using a network of qualified and trusted service providers.

Digital & Beyond


A mobile application dedicated to improving the financial literacy for children in Qatar, in an initiative to develop a habit financial responsibility from a young age.

Digital & Beyond


A startup focused on developing interactive IT solutions and innovations.

QPR specializes in building custom designs and concepts for digital signage & interactive kiosks paired with native apps that give the best user experience.

QBIC Tourism

Tartebkum Holidays

Tartebkum is a startup company, offering modern desert trips and adventures for women. The startup also offers holiday organization services for trips around the world, aimed at Arab women seeking catered trips that focus on culture, health and beauty.

QBIC Tourism


ibTECHar is a local startup that provides consultation/products in the educational sector, using technology to empower teachers to unleash learners’ potential.


Just Grow

‘Just Grow’ is a startup that provides user-friendly aquaponics system that requires minimal maintenance from consumers. The objective is to help customers garden indoors in a hassle-free environment.



‘Makery’ is a mobile fabrication lab that provides services using tools and resources such as laser cutters and 3D printers to help creative people represent their ideas in a physical form.


Al Marbat

‘Al Marbat’ aims to provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly service, carried out in a sustainable approach.


Smart Korsy

‘Smart Korsy’ is a charging station for mobile phones, and is a network booster for faster Internet access. It enhances the network signal especially in remote camping areas.


Akhtra Trade CO

‘Akhtra Trade CO’ – created an adapter that can be used to easily change hooks on the back of a vehicle so you can tow other trucks without having to disassemble the other vehicle’s hook.


Gais Speargun

Handmade spear guns and free diving equipment.


DewLand Productions (Joud wa Soud)

DewLand is a production company; specialised in developing creative multimedia and CGI concepts. “Joud wa Soud” are 3D innovated characters produced by the company to deliver “edutainment” products for children. The characters are derived from the Qatari culture and represent cultural values, in a modern way. The aim is to introduce the characters in virtual products and merchandise that target children of different age groups.



An international standard, Qatari based Communications Agency that focuses on developing PR solutions and positioning for SMEs in Qatar and around the world.



An urban, pop culture t-shirt line that is inspired by the Qatari culture and youth.



Samam is an air pollutants sensor, LPG gas specifically, that work to stop the leakage from its source in case of leaking accidents. Through the smart Hub, Samam will communicate with the user and send notifications anywhere via a safe internet connection. Since the Hub is developed with the latest connectivity technologies, the user can connect and control many Samam Security devices or most of the home automation products in the market.



RINFO is a real-estate mobile application designed to ease the process of finding places to rent or buy filtering options based on the tenant’s desires.


Sealine Tents

A startup that provides authentic tents for visits and camping trips around Qatar.

Industrial Workshop


An innovative transparent facade system, absorbing solar energy heat to building energy utilization.



S.Ishira is the first “Made in Qatar” luxury perfume line, for corporate gifting. S.Ishira creates one of a kind, multicultural scents and contributes new tastes to the mainstream market, made with some of the most luxurious oils from around the world.

Office & Industrial Workshop

Newline 4 Media

A startup offering printing, graphic design, display solutions, indoor and outdoor signs, exhibitions, promotional items and event management services.

Industrial Workshop

Embrace Doha

Embrace Doha is the first service provider of its kind in Qatar, offering a range of cultural services that cater to the needs of newcomers, expatriates, and visitors alike.

QBIC Tourism


Contactless provides pre-event online registration management and virtual payment solutions. They also provide registration stations, fully equipped with talent to manage mobile and on-spot registration, as well analytics and demographics of attendees, and small, medium and largescale events.


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